“My lessons with Lindsey have always been great!”

My lessons with Lindsey have always been great! She is very good at teaching me leading techniques and helping me practice them. She has been really good at helping me come up with a custom learning plan based on my crazy schedule including getting me involved in all the milongas around town. I look forward to learning more from Lindsey and Ricardo

-Paul W.

“Ricardo is hands down the best tango instructor in Austin”

I had the pleasure of taking private and group lessons with both Ricardo and Lindsey, and I highly recommend them to everyone who is looking to grow in their tango journey! 

Ricardo is hands down the best tango instructor in Austin, in my experience. I started both group and private lessons as a beginner only 5 months ago and in a short period of time, but with a lot of practice I have been able to improve significantly. His group lessons are fun and dynamic, and his explanations are accessible and easily understandable. In group lessons, he makes sure to spend time with everyone individually as well. You can tell he loves tango, and he loves to share it with his students and it is refreshing to see such an experienced dancer, who is so kind and approachable. Because of this, he has created a loving and warm tango community with many students who return week after week and I am grateful to be a part of the @ConnectionTango family.
In our private lessons, we initially spend a lot of time correcting the poor habits I had picked up with my posture, embrace and extensions. I have now had a chance to travel and take lessons and attend festivals and more and more I have realized what a gem Ricardo’s instructions have been in my tango journey. I am grateful to have him as my primary tango teacher and I look forward to each class every week. I highly recommend you come to the group lessons or take a private with him as soon as possible. You will love it! 

Lindsey is an amazing tango dancer and instructor as well. She is so graceful and her dancing is so elegant! I absolutely loved my private lesson with Lindsey. Her extensive background in dance (Ballet, Jazz, West Coast Swing, Tango and many more), combined with her understanding of anatomy allows her to clearly communicate how each movement should be executed. I loved that she was able to evaluate my posture, balance, walk, and give specific and detailed instructions on how to improve each of them. We also reviewed musicality, which is a difficult concept for me to understand and again she made it very accessible. I left her class with amazing notes on what to implement in my dance, and I cannot wait for my next class with her soon. 

I absolutely recommend Ricardo and Lindsey for private and group lessons, but if you’re lucky enough to catch them when they teach classes and workshops together in Austin or New Orleans or anywhere else, do not hesitate, because you will be getting the best of both worlds and you will have an amazing time!!! 

-Sose Z.

“Their teaching partnership dynamic is great”

Lindsey taught me as a beginner Tanguero. On the dancefloor, she moves with grace and elegance all while maintaining a delicate connection with her partner and to the music. In the studio, she can switch into analytical mode to break down the mechanics of tango movements and teach the skills needed to perform this challenging dance improvisationally. I don’t think I would have seen such swift progress in my dancing with many other instructors.

Likewise, I took a workshop hosted by both Ricardo and Lindsey. Their teaching partnership dynamic is great. Class was entertaining as well as productive. I mastered a complex movement that I had been struggling with for weeks! I highly recommend both Lindsey and Ricardo for tango instruction!

Daniel R.

“Taught me to be more confident with my tango”


I had the pleasure of taking privates classes with Ricardo and attending beginner’s classes for my boyfriend. Each time it was a lot of fun and a great experience. Ricardo taught me to be more confident with my tango and gave me very valuable advice. I can also testify that he is a great teacher with beginners: after the first class, my boyfriend was able to lead me into molinete and to have fun on the dance floor.

-Suzon J.


“Provides a nurturing environment to help students fall in love with tango”

Ricardo is an amazing teacher. He provides constant gentle pressure to help push you to the next level while providing encouragement to build your confidence in your ability. He stresses the importance of having fun and that there are no mistakes. I feel my technical skill, connection and musicality have improved from his classes and private lessons. He is not only a great teacher, but a genuinely caring person that builds relationships with his students and provides a nurturing environment to help students fall in love with tango.

-Stephanie B.

” Will listen to to your tango needs and  goals. I highly recommend”

Ricardo is a great tango instructor. His classes are fun and he is always very encouraging. He helps you to understand how to be creative with the techniques and steps he teaches you. He focus on the steps to be learned and the dance itself rather than drills and exercises. If that what’s you looking for, he is your teacher. He is a caring person that nurtures relationships with his students. He will listen to your tango needs and goals and will help you to achieve them. I highly recommend his classes!
-Joao C

“An extremely empowering experience”

Taking lessons from Ricardo, a self-identified feminist, is an extremely empowering experience, very much in tune with larger conversations taking place in dance communities and around the world. Some highlights from my private session:
“You have the right to take up space”,
“You can connect deeply without sacrificing your alignment and comfort”,
and even “Can I put my hands on your ribs to illustrate what I mean?” Consentttt!!
I’m very grateful for how he has, as an instructor and friend, contributed to my dance and my journey of redefining the quality of human experiences that tango can represent.

-Marika A.

“An incredible guide in my tango journey”

Ricardo has been an incredible guide in my tango journey. I first met him through the free clinics provided by the Austin Tango community and have enjoyed his teaching style in both class and private lesson settings. I value his careful attention to detail, firm awareness of body mechanics, and connecting with each student on exactly what they need to progress. The lessons always contain very fundamental skills I can use immediately in a milonga and as elements I can develop on my own. I look forward to more lessons with Ricardo and consider him a significant part of my growth in this beautiful dance.

Alex K

Perfect balance of encouragement, fun and hard work

If you’re looking for a tango instructor who is not only fun but can take you from whichever level you are currently to the dancer you want to become, Ricardo is someone I highly recommend. His lessons are a perfect balance of encouragement, fun and hard work. He can easily breakdown steps and do it with a smile making the lessons a complete joy. Ricardo is a busy instructor and rightfully so! If you’ve always wanted to learn Tango, contact him right away. He will take his time to understand all your dancing goals and help you achieve them!

Naomi R.

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