Connection Tango

Connection Tango is based in Austin Texas and is a collaboration between Ricardo and Lindsey.

With a decade and a half of experience on the dance floors of Buenos Aires and the US, Ricardo’s style of tango is exciting and elegant, resulting in an experience that is artistic, dynamic, and delightful. Lindsey has been dancing since she was three and has a well-rounded background in many different styles of dance. Since 2014 she has dedicated herself almost entirely to Argentine Tango.

In 2018, Ricardo and Lindsey decided to embark on their tango journey together. As teachers, they have been described as fun, supportive, and technique-oriented, with a focus on improvisation, musicality, and partner connection. Ricardo and Lindsey have taught and performed in Buenos Aires, Taiwan, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, and soon in Arizona too. They are available for private lessons, performances, and group classes in Austin, TX, New Orleans, LA – and occasionally throughout the US as well.