Connection Tango

Lindsey Zan and Ricardo Correa are a young and exciting partnership that formed in 2018. Together they have over two decades of experience dancing Argentine tango and they love dancing both Salon and Stage tango. They are known for their fun, supportive, and technique-oriented teaching style, with a focus on improvisation, musicality, and partner connection. Their classes build confident dancers that dance comfortably while finding the freedom to express themselves artistically. They have taught and performed in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Taipei and Taichung (Taiwan), Los Angeles and San Diego (CA), Seattle (WA), New Orleans (LA), Austin, Dallas, and Houston (TX), and Tucson (AZ).

Lindsey is a life-long dancer with classical training in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, modern, lyrical, pom, and high-kick. She has performed at several high-profile events, including half-time shows for the Houston Rockets and at Disney World. She discovered partner dancing in San Diego in 2011 when she started training in west coast swing, salsa, rumba, east coast swing, lindy hop, blues, foxtrot, and waltz. While living in New Orleans she fell in love with Argentine Tango and never looked back. In addition to her dance experience, Lindsey also has an M.S. in psychology, which has helped her to understand how people learn, what motivates them, and how people communicate. As a teacher, Lindsey has spent over a decade choreographing and teaching dance classes and utilizes her multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience to quickly asses her students’ learning styles and tailor her classes to meet their needs.

 Ricardo’s dance journey started in fourth grade, when he conned his way into the state’s children’s folk dancing troupe (ask him for the full story, it’s pretty funny). They toured the state and the country and were the official representatives of the state of Durango in all sorts of events. After that, Ricardo’s attention turned to martial arts. He earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, which he practiced for ten years and which he taught during high school and college. Ricardo also has experience in other styles of martial arts, wrestling, and classical ballet. Thus, Ricardo possesses a keen understanding of the human body, its movement, and how to connect, read, and react to a partner or an opponent. Ricardo’s experience in dance and martial arts served as an excellent preparation for understanding and teaching Argentine tango; a dance in which connection to our body and our partner’s body are equally important. With his decades of experience as a teacher of tango and martial arts, his experience as a physics professor (Ricardo has a Ph.D in physics), and his love for sharing knowledge, Ricardo has become an expert at helping his students succeed while loving every minute of it.

Come dance with Lindsey and Ricardo, ¡Vení, bailá, volá!