Group Tango Classes

Ricardo and Lindsey’s teaching style enables dancers to deeply connect with their partners, express their musicality, and embrace their unique style. In each class you will experience exercises and tools that help understand concepts, improve movement, and nurture creativity in a fun, supportive, and safe environment.

Tango: Arte+Técnica

Join this 1.5 hour intermediate-level tango class by Lindsey and Ricardo. Achieve power, balance, and elegance in your tango and let it cast a spell of musicality and artistry in every movement. Ricardo and Lindsey demystify the technical aspects of the embrace, the walk, connection, and musicality at the level that intermediate and advanced dancers require. At the same time, they build a repertoire of movements, adornments, and variations that will allow you to dance beautifully in a way that is uniquely yours. Vení, bailá, volá!

Saturday 1PM-2:30PM
Tango Tribe Studio
5446 W U S Highway 290
$25 drop in. 5 anytime classes for just $100

To join this class, you must be familiar with the cross, the back and forward ohos, and the molinetes. If you're not there yet, don't worry. Just let us know and we'll prepare you in no time with our private lessons.

Advanced Tango Seminars

Lindsey and Ricardo host special 2 hour seminars every other month for seasoned dancers looking to dive deeper into more advanced topics in Argentine tango. Each seminar will have a different focus - and YOU get to make requests on what you'd like to see in the following seminars!

FEBRUARY ADVANCED SEMINAR: Off Axis Movements & The Dynamic Embrace

In this month's seminar we will work on techniques to make off-axis movements safe and comfortable. We will first work with exercises and then incorporate concepts from the exercises into movements that can be executed on the social dance floor.

• No partner necessary, but bring a friend!

*REGISTER BY FEB 19th for a $10 discount!***
To help with role balance we are asking that you register in advance. Advanced registration is $45 for the 2.5 hour seminar, $55 at the door.

To register, click the "Reserve Your Spot" button in this event and indicate if you are registering as a leader or follower and how you would like to pay. Your spot is only fully reserved once payment is received.

Our Advanced Seminar Series are two hours on Sundays from 4:00-6:30pm (once every other month) and will be held on the following dates:

SUNDAY February 23
Topic: Off Axis Movements & The Dynamic Embrace

SUNDAY April 5
Bold & Beautiful Back Sacadas

Topic: TBD

Stay Tuned - More dates to come!

Traveling Tango Workshops

Ricardo and Lindsey travel throughout the US to teach special classes and workshops. The next traveling tango workshop stop is (drumroll please)...

Tucson, AZ!

Weekend Workshops with Lindsey and Ricardo

Lindsey Zan and Ricardo Correa of Connection Tango in Austin will be teaching workshops and privates in Tucson the weekend of February 28. Meet, dance with, and learn from these emerging stars in advance of their return in April for the Tucson Tango Festival!

Cost: $25/workshop at the door; $20/workshop early bird registration
Payment: Venmo (preferred, @Lindsey-Zan), PayPal (, cash, or check

Saturday, February 29
Workshop 1 — El Abrazo: Where the Magic Happens
99.99 percent of our time dancing tango is spent in an embrace. Level up your embrace and explore its dynamic possibilities, and every aspect of your tango will shine like never before.

Workshop 2 — Milonga!
Don’t dread the milonga tanda ever again! Acquire simple yet effective tools that will enable you to enjoy milonga’s fast rhythm and expressive cadence. As a bonus, these tools will make your tango more musical, dynamic, and exciting too.

Schedule · Saturday, February 29, 2020
1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Workshop 1: El Abrazo
2:30 PM - 3:45 PM
Workshop 2: Milonga!

Sunday, March 1
Workshop 3 —Volcadas with Leg Wraps: Vení! Bailá! Volá!
Off-axis movements should feel like you are flying with your partner—not like some crazy bungee jump ride! Execute dynamic volcadas with ease, comfort, and safety.

Workshop 4 — Musicality: Rhythm, Melody and Mood
Without musicality, tango is just movements executed with background music. Instead, let your tango be a bridge to the emotions that are infused into every note.

Schedule · Sunday, March 1, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
Workshop 3: Volcadas WIth Leg Wraps: Vení! Bailá! Volá!
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
Workshop 4: Musicality: Rhythm, Melody and Mood