Welcome to Tango!

It's gonna be fun!

We, Ricardo and Lindsey, are excited that you’ve taken an interest in Argentine Tango. Tango has changed our lives! It has given us thousands of hours of joy on the dance floor and the studio while allowing us to be mentally, socially, and physically active. In addition, tango has  brought us new friends from all over the world and countless adventures. It has given us a community at home and everywhere we go. We hope we can be part of your tango journey and that you’ll be part of ours!

Beginners rock!

There is nothing wrong with being a beginner! A beginner is a person that is courageous enough to challenge themselves, a person that believes that they can reach new heights and achieve something new. You should be proud of yourself.  We are proud of you!

How do I get started?

Like learning to play a musical instrument or a new video game, the hardest part of tango is at the beginning! Beginners do rock, but it is hard being a beginner!  If you’d rather be a beginner for four weeks and not four years, you’re going to like the offer below!

Tango Jet Pack

Four private lessons with Lindsey & Ricardo for $299

Let your tango take off at $100 savings! Cruise past all the initial pitfalls of your tango adventure This package is only available to new tango dancers. Lindsey and Ricardo will guide you through all the basics (walk, embrace, cruz, ochos, molinetes…) with great technique, and prepare you for intermediate level group tango classes.

All lessons are taught in a nice home studio that has wooden floors, mirrors, and ballet bar. Lesson packages do not expire and can be taken by one person or one couple. Re-scheduling is easy, just give us at least a 24-hour advance notice. No partner necessary and no extra studio fees!